Georgia Tech Students

CEISMC’s Campus and Community Coordination is the campus hub for Georgia Tech’s faculty, staff, and students to connect their K-12 outreach efforts with the community. To learn more, email us at


Ways to get involved as a student or student organization

Host a Workshop
CEISMC’s Student Programs team can help you turn your idea into an interactive experience for K-12 students. Opportunities to work with students include Saturday KIDS Club, Summer PEAKS Camps, the Horizons program, and more.

Volunteer with Youth
CEISMC and other Georgia Tech academic units have many existing events and programs, like Middle School Days and STEM Career Days, that provide opportunities to work with youth. If you are interested in volunteering with any of these programs, we can assist you in finding a great fit.

Work with a School
With existing partnerships at local schools and organizations, CEISMC can help you establish longer-term STEM collaborations with the local community. You or your student organization can also join our community directory by visiting

Discover K-12 Programs
Searching for a mentor or advisor for your organization? Looking to do more outreach in the community? Want to learn how to implement youth program guidelines? We can assist you in planning a program, making campus connections, and getting more involved. To learn more, email us at