Georgia Tech K-12 Summit

The Georgia Tech K12 Summit, hosted by CEISMC, is a one-day virtual summit designed for faculty, staff and student organizations on campus that facilitate and support K12 impacts. In this mindfully developed event, attendees will share, learn and network their experiences and approaches to connect with the broader community.

Join us as we grow the visibility of K12 STEM on Campus. Gain knowledge and practical advice by participating in our lightning talks and breakout sessions. Click here to register for this event! Read about the 2017 inaugural K-12 Summit here.

Submissions for Lightning Talks is now closed. If you have questions, please contact Amanda Smith

Breakout Session Descriptions


Research and Evaluation In this section, participants will participate in discussions about conducting research and evaluation in K-12 STEM education. We will highlight some of the research and evaluation measurement areas, IRB regulations, and seek ideas for collaboration across the departments.
Outreach and K-12 Requests In this breakout session participants will learn about and discuss different types of K-12 outreach programs and how to get involved.
Implementation, Logistics, and Compliance Are you in a time crunch for an engaging K12 activity/program but don't know where to start? Attend this session focused on logistics concerning K12 program development and implementation. This session will describe aspects of planning and compliance that are necessary in the K12 space at Georgia Tech. Make your initiative fun and interactive while making sure you have all the tools and resources needed for front-end and back-end planning. Take-ways include checklist(s), timelines, and key strategies for success.