Insource Outreach

Georgia Tech’s Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing (CEISMC, pronounced “seismic”) is in its 30th year of working to improve PreK-12 education. We are perhaps best viewed as a partnership uniting Georgia Tech and many other educational groups, schools, corporations, and opinion leaders in one common goal: to see that PreK-12 students in Georgia and beyond receive the best possible preparation in science, mathematics, engineering and computing as they seek their place in the modern world. CEISMC partners include corporate CEOs and employees from a variety of industries; educational and political leaders; academic professionals in the state's major universities; and hundreds of school administrators and teachers.

Broader Impacts/ Educational Outreach:
One of CEISMC’s missions is to facilitate interactions and partnerships between members of the Georgia Tech community and the PreK-12 community. We coordinate numerous programs that lend themselves to participation by faculty and students, and we encourage faculty to consult with us as they develop plans for educational outreach and broader impacts. CEISMC can assist faculty in crafting educational initiatives that are tailored to their individual research and outreach interests and that are sensitive to limited time availability. We can also assist with developing sensible evaluation and educational research plans.

If you would like to consult with CEISMC on developing an educational outreach plan, contact Dr. Marion Usselman at