There is More to Being a Student Assistant than You Think

Rosemary Pitrone Provides Insight on the Advantages of Holding a Student Assistant Position Throughout College

Many students at Georgia Tech take part in on-campus job opportunities that allow students to gain experience and learn new skills while taking classes.

Starting with an open mind and a willingness to learn, Rosemary Pitrone joined the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) team as a communications student assistant in the fall of 2017. Now, with more experience and valuable opportunities behind her, Rosemary is a senior at Georgia Tech and will be graduating this spring with a degree in Literature, Media, and Communication with threads in literature and social justice.

During her time at CEISMC, Rosemary has gained experience in a multitude of skills, including writing, photography, video production, interviewing and social media management.

When asked why being a student assistant, especially at CEISMC, is a good idea, Rosemary responded, “It’s a great opportunity to learn about the impact that Georgia Tech has on the metro area and the state of Georgia. At CEISMC in particular, it’s awesome to learn about all of the programs Georgia Tech has that provide STEM opportunities for K-12 students.” She mentioned how, through her job, she had learned useful skills that she “wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn otherwise.”

Along with learning new skills, Rosemary has worked on many different projects with CEISMC, including attending the STEAM Leadership Conference last summer, interviewing CEISMC employees to discuss the diverse work they do, and visiting Hollis Innovation Academy to witness the impact of STEAM programs.

“I had a lot of fun going to the STEAM Leadership conference last year. I was there to take pictures and do a few interviews with attendees. I got to sit in on workshops, including one with animatronic puppets. Last summer, I also had the opportunity to visit M.R. Hollis Innovation Academy to meet the Innovators-in-Residence and see some of the amazing things they built with the students. That was a great experience [that] helped me understand just how much of an impact CEISMC has on K-12 students.”

Aside from school and her work at Georgia Tech, Rosemary writes for the campus newspaper, the Technique. She also enjoys playing the piano, watching Netflix, reading, and playing with her roommate’s cat in her spare time.

Rosemary has not ruled out any future opportunities yet, and as she is currently applying for jobs, she is keeping an open mind when considering where her future will take her. As for those questioning taking on an on-campus job, Rosemary advises other students like her to “have an open mind, try new things, and never rule something out just because you’re not sure if you can do it!”

By Shannon Malone – CEISMC Communications

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