A Summer of Fun and STEM Learning is Just Around the Corner at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech CEISMC Summer Programs Pique Interest in STEM in Rising 4th-12th-grade Students

CEISMC Summer PEAKS (Programs for Enrichment and Accelerated Knowledge in STEAM) are one to two-week long experiences designed to increase STEAM knowledge through various educational activities. These summer programs run Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm on Georgia Tech’s campus, and they work to cover STEAM concepts for rising 4th-12th-grade students.

The diverse programs, which are taught by a mixture of GT staff/faculty, GT students, and area math and science teachers, are split up between Elementary students (rising 4th-6th graders), middle schoolers (rising 6th-9th graders), and high schoolers (riding 9th-12th graders) in order to match the content material with each grade level.
 Each session offers diverse content for a wide range of age groups. For example, Elementary students have the opportunity to learn how to create Arts in motion by using robotics technology through the Artbotics program. This program can inspire new ways to combine art and STEM to create STEAM through the MakerCamp program. Students also engage in specific robotics activities like preparing robots to perform through the "Learn to Code with Robots" program.

Through these programs, young students will be able to grasp new STEAM concepts in a way that is easy and exciting for them.

Middle School students participate in many exciting Summer PEAKS programs including, Engineering LEGO Robots for Good, Hacking Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi, Thrill-a-Minute: Roller Coaster Physics, GT G.I.R.L.S (Girls Interested in Rapidly Learning STEAM) and many more activities that make learning fun.

The first two programs introduce creativity and problem-solving into the world of coding while the last program introduces STEAM opportunities to girls through tours of on-campus laboratories. In addition to on-campus activities, some programs offer field trips to enhance the learning experience further. The Thrill-a-Minute program, for example, includes a research day at Six Flags Over Georgia where students will learn the physics principles behind roller coaster design! By building off of the prior knowledge of students, the middle school programs aim to introduce more complex concepts through thrilling and interactive experiences.

There are many various programs for high school students as well including, Mission Possible: Industrial Engineering, DNA Detective: DNA barcoding, and Energy Unplugged to name a few. The High School programs tackle a wide range of knowledge to accommodate all students. For students who are interested in engineering and have minimal or no prior experience in data science and computer programming, Summer PEAKS offers the Seth Bonder Camp in Computational and Data Science program to serve as a well-rounded introduction to these concepts. For older students looking to apply to college, Summer PEAKS offers the Tell Your Story: Better College Applications to turn a stressful process into a fun one by involving interactive games and activities on the Georgia Tech campus. Overall, CEISMC Summer PEAKS works to provide students with inviting experiences that enhances their passion and knowledge of STEAM.

To register visit our website at https://www.ceismc.gatech.edu/ceismc-summer-peaks. For questions regarding the CEISMC Summer PEAKS program, visit our FAQ page (https://www.ceismc.gatech.edu/ceismc-summer-peaks-frequently-asked-questions), email us at summerpeaks@gatech.edu, or call (404) 490-3009 for more information.

Shannon Malone - CEISMC Communications

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